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Promotional Series is our service or program that provides an opportunity for companies (clients) to be able to display images, logos, or writing as desired on our products, which can later be used as a venue for introducing the company concerned to other parties (promotion). Not only for companies, but also for those of you who are looking for souvenirs for your wedding party, you can also take advantage of this program.

Products for this promotional series can include our production items such as mugs (large and small), heart mugs, teapots, tea sets, cups and saucers, ashtray plates, etc., which will later be decorated (screen printed) exclusively according to customer requests.

(An example you can see here.)

For decoration, we use a screen-printing decal technique with special ceramic paint that is fired in an oven at temperatures above 580 degrees so that quality and durability are guaranteed.

You are interested; please contact our contact listed above for price and ordering information.

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PT. Kaibon Indah